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We have a Brand-New Web Page

We have Exciting News!!! Hunter Willis has completed and uploaded our brand-new web page for our newest book. It is a replica of Isaac Watts’ 1740 edition of Divine Songs Attempted in Easy Language, for the Use of Children.
The first person that I showed this book to said that 18th century children must have had a better education than ours. She went on to say that these songs will work perfectly well for today’s modern adult reenactors.
I even made a “how to” video for the page. Please check out our new page by clicking the link below.

Divine Songs Attempted in Easy Language, for the Use of Children, by Isaac Watts

I have finished making my first replica of this original quarter bound version of the 1740 book, “Divine Songs Attempted in Easy Language, for the Use of Children by Isaac Watts”. The photo on the left is the original from the 18th century. The photo on the right is my replica.

Isaac Watts first published this songbook in 1715 and it became one of the most popular children’s books sold. Also known as Divine and Moral Songs for Children, as well as other similar titles, this book was used as a standard textbook in schools for over one hundred and fifty years. In fact, there were more than one thousand editions published by the mid-nineteenth century. I replicate the seventeenth edition that was printed in London for James Brackstone, at the Globe in Cornhill, MDCCXL

Unlike the cheap eighteenth century chapbooks with silly songs and stories commonly sold by peddlers, Watts wanted his songbook to encourage virtue in the children of “polite” society. Using poems and songs, Watts sought to simplify the moral and social issues of the day into lessons on wisdom and common sense that could easily be remembered.

One of Watts’ best known children’s songs is “Praise for Creation and Providence”. Still sung today, this hymn is now better known as “I sing the mighty power of God”. Other popular poems included are: “The Sluggard” and “Against Idleness and Mischief” (better known as “How doth the little busy bee”!!) These poems, affirming the importance of hard work, were very well-known in the nineteenth century.

New Videos and Conversations With the Bibleman

We have begun adding a lot of video content, and have a new webinar series called Conversations with Hunter and James!

Check out our YouTube Channel and subscribe for the latest as we continue to add more videos.

We’ve added this link to our main menu and in the social nav to the top and bottom of the site; in addition links to corresponding playlists have been added to a few of thebook pages, most notably the 1733 NT page and the 1640 Bay Psalmbook page!

We look forward to having more conversations with James as we share his love of bookbinding, Jesus and helping others learn about the craft and history of bookbinding.

Check out the latest conversation with James below!

We talk about glue brushes, glue, a bookpress that Hunter picked up from a TV prop auction and show some books that Hunter had in his collection.

Some of the links from this conversation:
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Piercing holes in 1640 Bay Psalm Books

This is my first Youtube video in a long time and my first blog in about that same amount of time. I’m making replicas of five 1640 Bay Psalm Books. In this video, I am using our piercing fixture to pierce holes in the signatures. Enjoy!

Not a day to celebrate

Today is our 42nd wedding anniversary and we no longer live together. I expect the final papers from the judge to arrive any day now. There were no celebrations today. Our home sold in less than 24 hours and now I live in a 600 sq. ft. cave. I have lived here for a few months now and have yet to get the bindery in shape enough to do any thing. I have not been in the mood any way. I did reopen my Etsy Store last night. It had been closed for months.  You can visit it at the following link:  Click Here

I also got back on Facebook this evening as Bibleman Bookbinder.  

And now for the rest of my life.  James


Read Before you VOTE

Have you read this pamphlet yet? It is an election sermon from 1759 that is still relevant today.  I suggest that it is a must read before you vote.

Joseph Parsons preached (read) this sermon in the Audience of His Excellency The Governor, his Honor the Lieut. – Governor, and the Honorable His Majesty’s Council and House of Representatives, of the Massachusetts Bay in New England on May 31st 1759. He is speaking in the context of an impending election. It was the style of the day to write and then read your sermon to your audience. Toward the end he addresses the leaders personally. This sermon was preached toward the middle of the French and Indian or Seven Year War. In 1758 the Anglo-Cherokee War took place. The Cherokee and the Iroquois supported the British until that year. The British were doing well during 1758. By 1759 the British had captured Fort Ticonderoga. He refers to this victory in his sermon. This is the position that this British Colony was in at the time of this sermon. They and my and maybe your ancestors were at war with the French and we were winning the war at this time. Parsons sees this deliverance as a result of God’s mercy. This is twenty years before we were to have a civil war. Joseph Parsons uses the story of Esther from the Old Testament as a springboard for discussing true greatness and false greatness of leaders. Leaders must be reminded that any talent, success or opportunities come from God. To value themselves as being great in a personal pursuit of glory is to contradict everything that God intended to do through them. This leaves no room for ambition, nor pride, nor self-exaltation, but rather self-denial for the public good and the glory of God.


In our day and time it is hard to imagine anyone whether it be a writer or minister addressing the leader of their country with such boldness. As we tend to praise and flatter our leaders without holding them accountable. We exalt them as if they were Kings. Joseph Parson lays out his sermon with Roman numerals (I, IV, X, etc.) labeling his major points and Arabic numerals (1, 2, 3, etc.) sub-dividing these major topics. At each number he goes in a different direction or sub-topic. Just like in an outline you did in school. He goes off in different directions and always brings it back to a logical understanding. This pamphlet is obviously addressed to rulers and politicians. We must remind ourselves that as each of us find ourselves in leadership positions we may also be tempted to be guilty of these same sins.

You may purchase this pamphlet from our online Etsy Store for $9.95 at the following link:  Purchase Here


A New America the Beautiful Song from God

O Babylon your chem-trailed skies
Now amber warnings wane
For purple harlot travesties
You will now reap great pain!

America! America!
I shed My grace on thee
You follow paths that lead to death
Because you’ve rejected Me!

O Babylon your naval fleet
Who shall be in duress
You squandered all your liberty
For a life of lawlessness!

America! America!
I stand now at the door
To burn your cities to the ground
You’ve become what I abhor! (2X)

O Babylon abortions prove
That you don’t honor life
You whore you lust and call it love
With abominations you are rife !

America! America!
I AM with fire refine
No more success I will not bless
Because vengeance is all Mine!(2x)

O Babylon your patriots dreamed
That you’d be great again
I am the great I AM you’ll see
That can’t be done by men!

America! America!
I shed My grace on thee
You’ll burn for blood of innocence
From sea to shining sea!

O Babylon now hellfire flies
And it will burn your grain
I’ll raze your mountains and you’ll see
That that I hold you in disdain!

America! America!
I shed My grace on thee
Your sin waxed worse and now you’re cursed
And you’ve forsaken Me!

O Babylon this end you’ll meet
No you don’t have to guess
I’ve warned you in My holy word
But your preachers only bless!

America! America!
I shed My grace on thee
The things you’ve bought are all for naught
Because you do not know Me!

O Babylon you will fail
Now comes much war and strife
The fall began from within
You didn’t seek true life!

America! America!
I shed My grace on thee
For selfish gain the world you stain
Now move into captivity!

O Babylon on evil team
You’ve plugged up ears to hear
My watchmen day and night they scream
I have shed great tears!

America! America!
I shed My grace on thee
The judgment falls I’ll humble all
Won’t you return to Me?

Source: Listen Here