Book of Common Prayer

We are hand-binding the 1734 edition of the Book of Common Prayer with a similar philosophy to that of our 1733 New Testament.  This 1734 edition is not a premier version, a revised version, nor is it an unusually rare edition.   It is simply our attempt to replicate the commonly-used common prayer book of the Church of England during the middle 1700s. 

This book would be very similar to the one used by Charles Wesley and John Wesley when they left England in 1735 to serve as Anglican missionaries to the colony of Georgia .   This book would also be very similar to the one carried by George Whitefield during his tours in the American colonies at the height of the Great Awakening in the 1740s.   It would have also been used by many of the early “Methodists” prior to their severance from the Church of England.  Compared with our 1733 New Testament, this 1734 Book of Common Prayer is rather eye-catching from a typographic perspective.  There are quite a number of ornaments, headers, footers, fancy capital letters, and a greater number of different font sizes in comparison with our Bible.  

Nevertheless, as was typical with the Age of Reason, there is order, balance, and simplicity.   The result is a beautifully done publication that places the modern reader in the center of the British world of the 18th century.

“My Book of Common Prayer arrived this morning.  It is wonderful! Your Ministry makes my Ministry come alive!!  BLESSINGS!”   DAVID FLETCHER

“You have made a great change in my life. It was your reprint that inspired me to move from in front of the pulpit to behind it. Your Book of Common Prayer made it easy for me, a poor sinner, to lead prayer services. I have touched some lives through my ministry and while I know it came from Jesus, you are the one who made it possible to answer that call.”  TAD MILLER

“The Book of Common Prayer arrived this day….I have been looking it over, and must tell you that it is absolutely wonderful! I am thrilled beyond belief! The cover just blew me away with its elegance and simple beauty; ultimate class act. Thanks so much for offering it. I am sure it will add to our Divine Service and Sermon we do now in ways I have not yet begun to comprehend…and I am sure others will order when they see mine. I wish my father-in-law was still alive to see it. He was a Presbyterian minister, and would very much appreciate this. Anglican or not, my minister will love it, too (another Presbyterian!).”  MIKE SLEASE

1234255_608593382517006_1523963751_nDavid Moody leading Morning Services at The Fort at No. 4alice-mason-sterlingPirate Mistress Alice Mason Sterling keeps her 1733 New Testament, her 1734 Book of Common Prayer, & most assuredly her pistol close by her side.
Tad W Miller using his 1734 Book of Common Prayer to marry Jay and Leigh Ann Ouellettes cropped

Rick Doolen working with his 1733 Book of Common Prayer

 Look for this pocket size 1734 Book of Common Prayer book, on season three of the AMC show “TURN” along with other of our books that have been used in previous seasons.


Our pocket size 1734 Book of Common Prayer book was used at an event in St. Johns Michigan for this 18th century wedding. After the ceremony the Book was given as a gift the bride and groom, Mr. and Mrs. Scott Mann.
You can purchase both my full size and pocket size Common Prayer books on my Etsy page available here.



“I BELIEVE there is no LITURGY in the World, either in ancient or modern language, which breathes more of a solid, scriptural, rational Piety, than the COMMON PRAYER (BOOK) of the CHURCH of ENGLAND . . .” ~ John Wesley



This is Kimberly Walters holding her 1734 Book of Common Prayer that I made for her.