Month: October 2020

Not a day to celebrate

Today is our 42nd wedding anniversary and we no longer live together. I expect the final papers from the judge to arrive any day now. There were no celebrations today. Our home sold in less than 24 hours and now I live in a 600 sq. ft. cave. I have lived here for a few months now and have yet to get the bindery in shape enough to do any thing. I have not been in the mood any way. I did reopen my Etsy Store last night. It had been closed for months.  You can visit it at the following link:  Click Here

I also got back on Facebook this evening as Bibleman Bookbinder.  

And now for the rest of my life.  James


Read Before you VOTE

Have you read this pamphlet yet? It is an election sermon from 1759 that is still relevant today.  I suggest that it is a must read before you vote.

Joseph Parsons preached (read) this sermon in the Audience of His Excellency The Governor, his Honor the Lieut. – Governor, and the Honorable His Majesty’s Council and House of Representatives, of the Massachusetts Bay in New England on May 31st 1759. He is speaking in the context of an impending election. It was the style of the day to write and then read your sermon to your audience. Toward the end he addresses the leaders personally. This sermon was preached toward the middle of the French and Indian or Seven Year War. In 1758 the Anglo-Cherokee War took place. The Cherokee and the Iroquois supported the British until that year. The British were doing well during 1758. By 1759 the British had captured Fort Ticonderoga. He refers to this victory in his sermon. This is the position that this British Colony was in at the time of this sermon. They and my and maybe your ancestors were at war with the French and we were winning the war at this time. Parsons sees this deliverance as a result of God’s mercy. This is twenty years before we were to have a civil war. Joseph Parsons uses the story of Esther from the Old Testament as a springboard for discussing true greatness and false greatness of leaders. Leaders must be reminded that any talent, success or opportunities come from God. To value themselves as being great in a personal pursuit of glory is to contradict everything that God intended to do through them. This leaves no room for ambition, nor pride, nor self-exaltation, but rather self-denial for the public good and the glory of God.


In our day and time it is hard to imagine anyone whether it be a writer or minister addressing the leader of their country with such boldness. As we tend to praise and flatter our leaders without holding them accountable. We exalt them as if they were Kings. Joseph Parson lays out his sermon with Roman numerals (I, IV, X, etc.) labeling his major points and Arabic numerals (1, 2, 3, etc.) sub-dividing these major topics. At each number he goes in a different direction or sub-topic. Just like in an outline you did in school. He goes off in different directions and always brings it back to a logical understanding. This pamphlet is obviously addressed to rulers and politicians. We must remind ourselves that as each of us find ourselves in leadership positions we may also be tempted to be guilty of these same sins.

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