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The Almost Christian by George Whitefield

The Almost Christian, by the Rev. George Whitefield, was published in 1738. As you can see above, this pamphlet has a cover page.  The sermon speaks of and to the lukewarm pretenders and betrayers of the Christian faith.


This sermon is based on ACTS xxvi.28.

Almost thou persuades me to be a Christian.








Whitefield organizes his exposition into 4 major sections:

  1. Defining the “Almost Christian”
  2. The reasons for their prevalence
  3. The spiritual ineffectualness of lukewarm Christianity
  4. An exhortation for the striving towards altogether Christianity. We could only hope the inward working of God’s Spirit would convict such individuals as they read or listen to this historical piece.

This 28-page stab-bound pamphlet is another fine example of a George Whitefield sermon that helped spur on our 1st Great Awakening. It measures about 4 5/8 inches wide by about 6 inches tall. You may purchase this sermon/pamphlet for $9.95 from on online Etsy Store at the following link:  Purchase Here

John Wesley also wrote a pamphlet by this same title, The Almost Christian. I make replicas of Wesley’s 2nd edition of this pamphlet dated 1743. I would strongly recommend that you purchase and read these pamphlets together. Wesley’s can be purchased for $9.95 from our Etsy Store at the following link: Purchase Here

It was not uncommon for Wesley and Whitefield to argue back and forth in print about their differences in theological. However, they became great friends during their days as students at Oxford and remained so until death.