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Free Grace by George Whitefield

This is the pamphlet, A Letter to the Reverend Mr. JOHN WESLEY In ANSWER to his SERMON ENTITULED, FREE-GRACE by George Whitefield from 1741.  

Whitefield’s Free- Grace pamphlet is a letter of rebuttal to the Rev. John Wesley’s sermon/pamphlet, Free Grace. Wesley’s Free Grace pamphlet was originally preached as a Sermon in Bristol, England in 1739. Be sure to read the two page preface to Whitefield’s pamphlet below:

The complete title of Whitefield’s pamphlet is A Letter to the Reverend Mr. JOHN WESLEY In ANSWER to his SERMON ENTITULED, FREE-GRACE”, By GEORGE WHITEFIELD, A.B. Late of Pembroke-College, Oxford. But when Peter was come to Antioch, I withstood him to the Face, because he was to be blamed. Gal. II. Ii.

Whitefield’s Free Grace pamphlet is 32-pages in length and measures 4 1/8 inches wide by 6 1/4 inches tall. It is printed on laid paper and stab-bound with linen thread. You may purchase it from my Etsy Store for $9.95 at the following link:  Purchase Here

Since Whitefield’s pamphlet is an answer to Mr. Wesley’s sermon/pamphlet, I recommend that you purchase John Wesley’s Free Grace pamphlet when you purchase this one and read Wesley’s first. Purchase my replica of Wesley’s Free Grace pamphlet from my online Etsy Store at the following link: It is the same price as Whitefield’s.  Purchase Here

After you read these pamphlets, listen to the letter from George Whitefield to John Wesley rebutting Wesley’s pamphlet at the link below. Whitefield and Wesley were lifelong friends and remained so until death.