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A Calm Address to our American Colonies by John Wesley, 1775

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 A Calm Address to our American Colonies was published in London in 1775 by the Rev. John Wesley. It was an attempt by Wesley to try to help us avoid a civil war between brothers.

The quote, in Latin, on the title page of this pamphlet is from the Aeneid, and translates thus:

“Make not, my sons, make not such unnatural wars familiar to your minds;

nor turn the powerful strength of your country against its bowels.”

~ The Aeneid, book VI, lines 832-833


Wesley divides the first part of this pamphlet into twelve sections and puts it in the front. Then he places a five-page sermon, preached by Dr. Smith, in Philadelphia, toward the back. The sermon had been recently re-printed in England and had been much admired. Wesley contends that the sermon proceeds all along upon wrong suppositions. Wesley says that they are confuted in the sermon and Wesley touches upon them again.

See a summary of each of the twelve divides of the first part of this pamphlet below:

  1. Has the English Parliament power to tax the American Colonies?
  2. It is the privilege of a Freeman and an Englishman to be taxed only by his own consent.
  3. Every freeman is governed by laws to which he has consented.
  4. You are entitled to life, liberty and property by nature.
  5. They did not by emigration forfeit those privileges.
  6. The Colonies are not represented in the Parliament. They inherit all the right which their ancestors had of enjoying all the privileges of Englishmen.
  7. Colonies have a right to all the privileges granted them by royal charter or secured to them by provincial laws.
  8. The English Parliament has undoubted right to tax all the English Colonies.
  9. We have few men in England who are determined enemies to Monarchy.
  10. All countries are liable to taxes.
  11. If we submit to one tax, more will follow.
  12. Brethren, open your eyes! Come to yourselves! Be no longer the dupes of designing men.

This 24-page pamphlet measures about 4 inches wide by 6 1/2 inches tall. It is printed on laid paper and stab-bound together with linen thread.

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