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Consider Another George Whitefield Sermon to Preach at Events

Whitefield’s sermon Of Justification by CHRIST begins with I Cor. Vi. II. But ye are Justified. The whole Verse runs thus:—And such were some of you; but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the Names of our Lord Jesus Christ, and by the Spirit of our God.

This sermon is making a strong stamen, that there is no other Name give under Heaven whereby they can be saved, but that of JESUS CHRIST and we are freely justified from all our Sins by the precious Blood of JESUS CHRIST. Therefore, the title, Of Justification by Christ. Whitefield refers to a previous sermon/pamphlet, The Nature and Necessity of our New Birth in Christ Jesus. You might want to read that one before this one.

Whitefield divides this sermon into three parts.

I. First, WHAT is meant by the Word Justified.
II. Secondly, I shall endeavour to prove, individual Person in particular, stands in need of being justified.
III. Thirdly and lastly, That there is no possibility of obtaining the Justification, which we so much want, but by the precious Blood of JESUS CHRIST.  See page six below:

The complete title of this pamphlet is Of Justification by Christ. A Sermon preach’d at the Parrish Church of St. Antholin, &c. By George Whitefield, A.B. of Pembroke-College, Oxford. Printed for C. Rivington at the Bible and Crown in St. Paul’s Church-yard, and J. Hutton at the Bible and Sun, next the Rose-Tavern with Temple-Bar. 1739.

This is my latest sermon pamphlet, the 6th in a series of 15 pamphlets that I replicate that were originally preached and published by George Whitefield. It is another fine example of a George Whitefield sermon that helped spur on our 1st Great Awakening. This is a 32-page pamphlet printed on laid paper and stab bound together with linen thread. It measures 4 1/2 inches wide by 6 1/2 inches tall.
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