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Memorize Your Bible

This blog has caused some confusion.  This is not an advertisement for Dick’s Sporting Goods.  I wrote about William Tyndale’s Bible and how it relates to Dick’s current banning and destruction of weapons. The same thing happened to William Tyndale’s Bibles in the 16th century. They first banned his Bibles and then started destroying the ones that were smuggled into England. It turned out to work in favor of Tyndale’s Bibles as is will for Dick’s actions. You can replace the King of England with Dick’s and it is a very similar story and ending. It links to an article about them first deciding not to sell assault rifles and now deciding to destroy their current stock. I’m relating our current events to events that took place in the 16th century. Good preachers and teachers do the same when they relate current events to what occurred in the Second Temple Judaism period or the Old Testament period. 

I seem to be offending both liberals and conservatives with this post. Is that good or bad?  I may need to tell you where I stand on this issue.

 I don’t care about gun control, one way or the other. But I try to use every topic to point people to Jesus. This is a hot topic that I can use to do that. I don’t care about much of anything, except Jesus. I can play “The Devil’s Advocate” when it is handy to point people to the Bible and Jesus. This is one such case. I have lots of weapons, but will hand them over to the government if they want them. I don’t care, except for the loss of $$$. I will not hide them, etc. But I will hide Bibles. That is what I can about. I am neither Democrat nor Republican. Nor anything else. I don’t care. God is in-charge of all that. As far as the last election. I did not vote for either or them. I figure that they would be judgments from God. I think that we share very similar views about the poor and immigrants. The Bible is very clear about that. The so called Republican Christians are way off as far as that is concerned. I personally am not accepted in most of the so called, “Conservative” Churches around here because my views about that and other things. But I am also not accepted at my wife’s so called “liberal” Episcopal Church because of my religious conservative views. We live in a strange Christian world. One side rejects a brother and the other does too. Both sides are blind to one thing or another and will reject and fight over the things that they are blind about. I will not. I only want to reach both sides and those outside the Church for Jesus. Trump is such an idiot that he provides me with daily comedy. Hillary supports so much perversion that makes me want to puke at times. They and their parties are both lost and I don’t know how any Christian could support either of their parties. I must be a political eunuch. Remember, the next time I offend you. I don’t care a bit about anything buy Jesus. If I offend you, I am sorry. I did not and do not mean to, unless I offened you by saying, “You are lost and going to Hell without Jesus!” If that offends you, too bad. I meant to.   If you’re mad at me now, that is between you and Jesus.  Can’t we all just get along?

The original blog is below:

William Tyndale had to flee England in order to translate the Bible into English. In England they searched out his Bibles that were smuggled into England, burned them, and persecuted those found in possession of his Bible. He was not discouraged. He said that destroying those Bibles kept the printers in business & kept demand up. It actually helped his cause. Or something like that. So, if they destroy guns, it just increases the profits of the manufacturers and lets them make more weapons. I used to manufacture Corvettes. We had a large hail storm that wiped out our parking lot (giant area out back of the plant) full of Corvettes. I remember thinking, “good, those are gone, we get to make more to replace them” or something like that. Peace…there is a silver lining. Although, I think that they will take your guns; so you better purchase a 3-D printer and memorize your Bibles.  They will be next…