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Our Goal

Our goal at 18thCenturyBibles.org is to preserve the historical accuracy of the great Christian literature of the 1600 & 1700s and to present this literature to as many Living History enthusiasts as possible. We have been working toward this goal since October 2007. Since that time, we have scanned, cleaned up, and handcrafted numerous replicas of the following books:
1640 Bay Psalm Book
1661 Algonquin New Testament
1697 John Playford Psalter (with music notation throughout)
1715 The History of ye Old & New Testaments in Cutts, aka “The Illiterate Bible”
1715 Apocrypha
1715 King James (Old Testament)
1732 Foxes Book of Martyrs
1733 King James (New Testament)
1733 King James Bible
1734 Book of Common Prayer
1767 Isaac Watt’s Hymnal
1767 Charles Wesley Hymnal
1773 Primitive Physic by John Wesley
1777 Robert Aitken New Testament; the 1st New Testament, in English, Made in America
1781 Robert Aitken New Testament
1782 Robert Aitken Bible, aka “The Bible of the Revolution”
We also reproduce over 100 different Christian pamphlets from the 17th & 18th century as well as many more.
The process of scanning and cleaning up the text of our original books takes months and months. Once each book is scanned, it then takes about one hundred hours to complete the numerous steps involved in creating and binding the thinner books and up to two hundred hours to complete our 1733 King James Bible. Over the last decade, we have completed over two thousand books and thousands upon thousands of pamphlets. We continue to purchase and clean up originals as they become available. Hunter Willis created and maintains our web site. Jim Darlack and several others have helped scan and then clean up our scanned text blocks. Both Jim and Hunter are my apprentices. Jeff Talley scanned and cleaned up our 1733 New Testament and several of our pamphlets. David Moody scanned our Apocrypha.
Our Facebook page is: Go to FaceBook
Visit our Etsy Store at the following link: Visit my Etsy Store
Several years ago, I started a private Facebook group page for those who reenact as 18th century parsons, minister’s wives, chaplains, ministers, priests etc. This group is by invitation only. While the name of the members of this group are public, the contents of our posts remain private. We want this group to be an encouragement to fellow members as well as a source of information for those who want to develop or improve their own 18th century parson’s persona. Our parson page is: 18th Century Parson page
Nothing that I make by hand is perfect, nor do I try to make anything that is perfect by hand. If you want something perfect, buy something that is made on a machine. Speaking of that, I had 1,000 1733 New Testament made at BindTech in Nashville. We sell those for much less than the cost of my handmade versions and will until we run out.