Month: April 2018

Timothy Weiss His 1734 Book of Common Prayer

This is a photo taken of Parson Timothy Weiss while holding the Divine Service at Fort 96 in South Carolina this past weekend, April 29th, 2018.  He is using his 1734 Book of Common Prayer that I made for him.  For more information about Rev. Weiss’ book, visit my web page at the following link:  Click Here

Chad Bogart His 1733 Bible

Chad Bogart shared this photo of himself leading the Divine Service using his 1733 Bible, that I made for him, at the Sunday morning service at the Frontier Muster and Trade Faire, Wilderness Road Blockhouse, Natural Tunnel State Park in Duffield, Virginia, April 29th, 2018. Visit my web page at the following link to see how I made this Bible for Chad: Click Here

How Thick is the Paper in Our Original 1782 Aitken Bible?

The paper in our original 1782 Robert Aitken Bible of the Revolution is about 1/2 the thickness of the paper that we normally use in our books.  The first photo is of us zeroing the micrometer.  We don’t have a spanner wrench to make the zero adjustment so we will have to subtract about .0003 from each of our readings.  The second photo is of this Bible printed on my normal paper.  The rest that follow are photos of us measuring our original Aiken Bible.  Scroll down to see what may be the rarest photos on the planet; a micrometer measuring an original 1782 Bible: courtesy of  Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary Librarian, James Darlack.

zero = .0003

our normal paper = .0048

Our original 1782 Bible is below








John Robinson His Books

This is a photo of John Robinson with his 1733 New Testament and his 1697 John Playford Psalms & Hymns book that I hand-bound for him.  Check out how I made these replicas using period correct tools & techniques at the following links:

  1. 1733 New Testament:  Click Here
  2. 1697 John Playford Psalms & Hymns: Click Here

Bill Ochester His 1733 New Testament

This is Bill Ochester, aka “The Rev Ebenezer Ranklin”, using his 1733 New Testament that I made for him.  I hand bind both a pocket size and a full size version of this Bible.  Get your own copy of this New Testament from my Etsy Store at the following link:  Purchase New Testament Here