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Get Ready for Robert Aitken’s 1782 “Bible of the Revolution”

Jim Darlack and I are getting near the finish line of having the entire 1782 Robert Aitken Bible, aka “The Bible of the Revolution” ready to be printed and bound.  I have been working on this Bible for over 9 years now.  All of the pages are scanned and have been cleaned up at least twice.  We are now going over them for the last time and darkening each page and doing a final clean up.  I may be about a month away from printing them.  I have four of the 1781 New Testament portions printed & folded and ready to be bound with four 1782 Old Testaments, just like the original.  The first one is already going to James Darlack.  I think that at least two more of these are spoken for; one by Geoff Baggett and one by Garrett Lear, which leaves only one from the first printing.  I may keep that one for a while.  Right now, I think that I will be charging $625, but this price will probably go up after this first batch.  They will be the same size as the original.  I will not be selling them on Etsy anytime soon, because I expect each one to be commissioned by reenactors for some time, so it will be necessary for you to mail me a check.  Please email me about this book, if you want me to make you one.  I can always print a few more for this first run.  In addition, even if you don’t want one right now, please check out my web page to learn more about this Bible and to see how I hand-bind this first one using antique tools and period techniques at the following link:  Check out the “Bible of the Revolution”