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Admonition Against Profane & Common Swearing

I have decided to post this title page on Face Book every time I notice someone cursing in a post.  At least I plan too until my fingers get too tired.  You can download this title page from here and do it too, if you want.  If I can figure out how to post a .pdf, I will post the entire pamphlet and not just the title page.  I get tired of putting curse words in my brain.  Cursing in public is a little like smoking in public:  Rude people spread their filth to others with little or no consideration for others.  The entire title of this 24 page pamphlet/sermon is An Admonition Against Profane and Common Swearing.  In a Letter from a Minister to his Parishioners.  To be put privately into the Hands of Persons who are addicted to Swearing.”  By the Right Reverend Father in God Edmund Gibson, D.D….dated 1771.  This is a very well received pamphlet at 18th century events. You can purchase my replica of this pamphlet from my Etsy Store at the following link:  Purchase Here