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Isaac Watts’ Hymns

“When hymn writer Isaac Watts published his ‘Hymns and Spiritual Songs’ in 1707, there were no organs installed in churches in the New England Colonies!  Issues surrounding instruments and music used in worship were controversial among the congregational churches of New England.  Their ministers, instead, insisted that metrical ‘psalters’ be used for congregational singing—primarily using the Bay Psalm Book! The preface to the Bay Psalm Book said: ‘the psalms are to be translated into our English tongue; and in it our English tongue we are to sing them, then as all our English songs. . .do run in metre, so ought David’s psalms to be translated into metre, that so we may sing the Lord’s songs.’”  I make replicas of both the original 1640 Bay Psalm book and Isaac Watts’ Hymnal that was printed in Boston in 1767.

Check out my two replicas at the following two links:

Bay Psalm Book:  Click Here

Isaac Watts Hymnal:  Click Here