I do not consider myself an evangelist by any stretch of the imagination. However, I love the Lord and I want to share with others how He moves in my life……guiding my steps, along His path, that He has prepared for me.  How about you? Are you passionate about your faith? Do you love to talk to people about Jesus? Do you share with others what Jesus is doing in your life?  How do we make en-roads into this secular – egocentric world?  Most people don’t want to hear you preach a sermon or have you hand them a Gospel tract, but they are usually eager to learn about things that they consider relevant and important.

A more successful and less threatening form of evangelism incorporates living history presentation and historical interpretation techniques. As a living history re-enactor portraying a ministry persona….a chaplain, minister or clergy, you have an opportunity to spread the Gospel and speak of the Jesus of history. This allows you to evangelize while presenting an accurate and factual living history presentation. You will be approached directly, without reservation, by the public, camp visitors and fellow re-enactors wanting to know more about the character you portray. As an 18th Century Ministry Persona, you can explain to them about your role in history and the importance that religion played in the lives of everyday Americans. Your opportunities to evangelize and share the Gospel will increase. No matter what you do or how you choose to do it. it is God that creates opportunities and opens doors to reach others.  The Apostle Paul speaks of the sharing of your Faith as a key to spiritual growth and maturity. (Philemon 6) If you wish to grow in your own faith – to be spiritually alive and increasing…..Share Your Faith With Others!