Dr. Dan Newman & his Primitive Physic book

Dr. Dan Newman sent me this photo of his book, “Primitive Physic” that I made for him. It is opened to Chap XXII to the section about “the Bite of the Mad Dog”.  The Rev. John Wesley first published this book in 1748.  My replica is of this same book published in 1773.  Not much changed between the two additions, except the first addition did not have Wesley’s name associated with it.  His name was added to the 1750 edition and continued through this one.

 Wesley wrote this book to bring practical medical advice to workers and others who could not afford private doctors or for those who lived in remote locations and did not have a physician in their area. I think that you will enjoy visiting my web page and seeing how I hand-bound this book using antique tools and period correct methods at the following link:  Click Here