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Primitive Physic

This is  my replica of my original 18th century medical book dated 1773.  This book was first written and published by the Rev. John Wesley in 1749. The first few additions did not have his name associated with them. But by 1753 his name can be found on the title pages. This fun and informative period medical book is 456 pages in length. Rev. John Wesley (1703-1791) was not only the founder of Methodism, but also wrote widely in other areas of concern. Wesley realized that medicine was not available to all. His aim in writing Primitive Physic was to bring practical medical advice to workers and others who could not afford private doctors. This book measures the same as the original that I scanned our pages from which is about 1 1/2″ thick X 4 1/2″ wide X 7 1/4″ tall.  It is 456 pages in length.  If you would like me to make you one of my replicas of this book just let me know. To learn more about this book and see how it was period bound, click the link below: