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Divine Service hand bills and broadside for use at events

I am posting two types of service announcements


I made these Divine Service hand bills for you to use at events.  These are to be filled out with the appropriate time & place of your services then passed out at your events on Friday & Saturdays leading up to your Sunday services.  (Although, I see no reason not to hold services throughout each day of events like other shows).   If you do this, your attendance will be greatly improved.    These are to be printed on 8 ½ X 11 pieces of laid paper.  The images will print on the bottom edge of the paper. Set your paper cutter at 6 1/2″ and cut off the top long ways on your paper. Then turn the paper 90 degrees. Set your paper on 5 1/2 inches and cut the two hand bills apart.


I have also created a much larger broadside (poster) version that you should place up on announcement boards, hang on trees, etc. for reenactors and the public to be able to see.  You might also consider making a tri-pod out of tree branches and attaching a board and placing it where you will be preaching and keeping a broadside on it all weekend long where your services will be held.  This will also increase the numbers of people who will attend your period services.  This broadside, which you can see below, will print out to be 10″ X 12” and should be printed on 11″ X 17″ laid paper which is available from Neenah Paper Company.


I have uploaded both these handbills and broadside to our “FILES” page on our 18th Century Parson on face book so that you can download them for free from there.  You can also purchase our  8 gig “Pamphlet Memory Stick” and they will be on there.  These files will be much larger resolution than if you just download the two that you see here with this post.  That means that they will look better when printed.


I don’t see any reason at all for all of you not to use these two tools.