1742 London Psalter and Prayerbook

A few weeks back, I received a copy of James Moore‘s latest full sized book “The 1742 London Psalter and Prayerbook.” I highly recommend it for people reenacting the common person. In addition to the Psalms, this book has the morning and evening prayers, common prayers, and the catechism from the Book of Common Prayer. It does not contain the weekly readings. While the Bible is too large for the typical person to carry, this is a slim, pocket sized book that is easy to carry. If paired up with a pocket sized New Testament it would be the perfect combination for typical reenactor. Parsons will still want to have the complete Book of Common Prayer, so that they have all the material. However, if like me, you portray both a parson and a common person this book it a great item to add to your kit. -Tad Miller A person seeking to know more of Christ, able to read, of not too many means, yet having enough to purchase a book in the 18th century would seek this out. I was fortunate to get one of these from James Moore and find it fits with my impression of a landed yeoman who has lost much during the F&I war and seeks the grace of God as life moves on towards eternity. This is a wonderful bit of 18th century spirituality. You will not be disappointed. -Gary Smith