We now have available for sale USB Keys with all of the pamphlets listed below, and more will be added as our collection grows. Please contact us for more information. Thank you!


Below is a list of the pamphlets that we make and that you may order.  We have some in stock and we will have to make others when you order.  Most of these pamphlets are $5.00 each, but $3 each if you order 25 or more of the same pamphlet.  Some are $8 each & $5.  Prices are marked.  Use the four Pay Pal buttons below to order the different ones.  You will also have to let us know which pamphlet s that you desire in the notes of your payment.  It may take a few weeks to get you pamphlets made.



A Royal Almanack and Meteorological 1778 $8
Farm Almanack, Virginia 1771 $8
Nathaniel Ames Almanack, Boston 1749, $5
Poor Richard Almanack 1733 $8
The Rhode-Island Almanack Pour Robin 1728, $5
The Virginia Almanack, Williamsburg 1749 $8


Adventures of Jack the Broom Boy
Cinderella or the Little Glass Slipper $5
Fables for the Instruction of Children
Jack and the Bean Stalk $5
Jack Jingle $5
Nursery Rhymes $5
Plain Things for Little Folks
Robinson Crusoe
The Bad Boy Reformed by Kindness
The Dovecot $5
The History of a Little Boy Found Under Haycock $5
The History of Dick Whittington Lord Mayor of London With the Adventuryes of his CAT
The History of Diligent Dick
The History of Goody Two-Shoes, and the Adventures of Tommy Two-Shoes
The History of Little Tom Tucker
The History of Valentine and Orson $5
Tragic Death of a Apple Pye


A Poem in Praise of the Hornbook
Mary the Maid at the Inn
New England Primer, 1777
School of Manner or Rules for Children’s Behavior
The Silver Penny for the Amusement and Instruction of Good Children $5
The Young Clerks Assistant or Penmanship Made Easy $5
Tom Thumb’s Song Book


A Letter from one in the Country, to his Friend in the City on the Inocculation of the Smallpox 1721, $5

A Narrative of the Method and Success of Inoculation of the Small Pox, 1722, $5
A Narrative of the Proceedings of the Black People Yellow Fever (anti-slavery), $8
A Narrative of the Uncommon Sufferings and Surprising Deliverance
A Practical Essay on the Human Teeth
Description of the Names and Qualities of Medicinal Compositions $8
Discourse Upon Duties of a Physician
Effects of Coffee $5
Health of Soldiers
Human Teeth Essay
Inoculation of Smallpox, 1721 $5
Inoculation of Smallpox, 1722 $8
Inoculation for Small-Pox, 1759 $5
New Method of Small Pox Inoculation, 1759
Observations Upon the Origin of the Malignant Bilious, or Yellow Fever, $5
Small Pox
Some Account of the Success of Inoculation for Small-Pox in England and America 1759, $5
The Charitable Pestmaster or the Cure of the Plague $8
The Cure of the Gout $8
The Method of Practice in the Small-Pox, with Observations, $5
The Operator for the Teeth, 1685 $5
The Operator for the Teeth, 1686 $8


Army needs Bakers, Feb 27, 1778
Certificate of Discharge
Gunsmith or Lockmakers needed, June 1, 1775
I do hereby certify…Pennsylvania…13 June 1777 form
Soldiers Pocket Bible, 1643, $5
Christian Soldier’s Penny Bible, 1693, $5
Manual Exercise 1764, $5
Oath to the United States of America form
Oath to Enlist ourselves to the United American Colonies, June 1776 form
Platoon Exercises, 1764, $5
Regimental blank letterhead
Regimental Dispatch
Regimental Enlistment form
Regimental envelope ready to fold and apply wax seal
Regimental Payroll Form
Regimental pay form
Supplies for the Army form, Dec. 30, 1776
Shipping receipt form
Stock Pile Supplies and Necessities form, 29 May 1775
The Health of Soldiers, $5
The War Against Great-Britain is Justified form
MiscellaneousA Narrative of the Uncommon Sufferings and Surprising
Deliverance of Briton Hammon: A Negro Man, 1760
Anecdotes and Adventures of Fifteen Young Ladies
blank Stationary
Blue Beard
Envelope ready to fold and apply wax seal for Lady or Gentleman
Mary the Maid at the Inn
The Beggar’s Opera playbill
The Orphan or the Unhappy Marriage Playbill
To/From Cards


1774 Wesley Broadside Playbill, $5
1800 Methodist Broadside Playbill, $5

ABC with Catechism $5
A Prayer for one desiring and seeking after the New-Birth, by Rev. George Whitefield, free with order
Another Tongue Brought in to Confess the Great Saviour of the World for the Iroquois Indians, $5
A Sermon at the Execution of Moses Paul, an Indian
Bad Bargain or the World Set Up For Sale

Charles Wesley Sermon, $5
Dan and Jane or Faith and Works
Mr. Parson’s Election Sermon, $5
Prayers for the Use of the Charity Schools
Proposals For Employing the Poor In and about the City of London
Proverbs, $8
Reasons Why a Protestant Should Not Turn Papist, $5
Sinner in the Hands of an Angry God, $5
Small Pox a Sermon Preached Before His Grace, John, Duke of Marlborough

Soldiers Pocket Bible, $5
Stealing, $5
Swearing, $5

The Christian Soldiers Penny Bible, $5
The Day of Judgement, $5
The Necessity of Keeping the Soul, $5
The Danger of Spiritual Pride, $5
The Gospel of John, $8
The Greatness of Hell Torments, $5
The History of Mr. Fantom
The Hubbub or The History of Farmer Russel the Hard Hearted Overseer
The Indwelling of the Spirit, the Common Privilege of all Believers, Whitefiled, $5
The Saints Final Perseverance, $5
The Saints in Heaven, $5
Scarcity of Provisions, $5

The Shorter Catechism, $8
The Vile Body, $5
The Watchmen’s Answer to the Question, What of the Night?, $5

Step By Step Images of How To Sew Your Pamphlet:

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What program do you need to access this material?

Some files are .jpg.   That means that they are just images, use any program that lets you use or modify to look at them. Most all pamphlets, if not all, are pdf files. Abode Reader, Standard, X, etc. will open them. You can use those programs to read, print, and make them. Adobe Reader is free to download. Almost all of the pamphlets are also .pub (MS Publisher) files. This is the best way to print and make the pamphlets. I almost always print using my Microsoft Publisher program.   It cost about $99 to purchase. It also comes with MS Office often. It just depends which version you purchase.   Publisher can also be purchased separately. There are instructions and other things that were written using Microsoft Word. You can open and read them, etc. with Word or any other word processing program.

I made these pamphlets on my desktop, which uses Windows 7. I miss XP. But they should all work with XP or Windows 7 and probably Windows next version, but I yet to try it. I print everything using my laser Brother (HL5370DW) printer. It is a duplex printer. That just means that you don’t have to turn the paper over by hand. I am on my third one of these printers.  I think that I have printed over a thousand books and who knows how many pamphlets. I doubt that you will wear yours out. If you were to use this same printer, the MS Publisher program, and maybe Windows 7, then you won’t have to change a setting. If not, you may need to fiddle a bit with your printer settings, but probably not. These can also be printed, etc. on a Mac computer using a program called, “PAGES”.