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Divine Service at Fort Frederick, Maryland June 15th 2018

Jim Rogers took these photos while Tad Miller was leading the Divine Service at Fort Frederick, Maryland during the Pontiac Rebellion reenactment on Sunday morning, July 15th, 2018.  Tad is using his 1734 Book of Common Prayer to lead this service.  I would like to encourage all that attend reenacting events to take similar photos during Divine Service and share them with me.  Videos would be even better.

18th Century Chaplains’ Jobs

“Many…Chaplain’s…normal post during and after a battle was with the wounded.  ‘My station in time of action I knew to be among the surgeons’ – John Gano (Headly, 255). Ebenezer David died of sickness while working at a Hospital on March 19, 1778. Thompson notes that many chaplains served also as surgeons…and in fact, Robert Blackwell, James Sproat, David Jones and David Avery had each been trained as professional medical men as well as Clergy before joining the Army. Avery brought his own medical chest because of the lack of supplies in the Army”.

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