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period pamphlets

Jeff Talley & I are known for passing out free pamphlets at every event that we attend. This is a photo taken of us teaching reenactors, at the Red River Meeting House in Logan County, Kentucky, about our pamphlets.

We recommend that you make your own period pamphlets and pass them out at events like we do. Purchase our “8 gig Pamphlet Memory Stick” from our Etsy page at the following link: It has around a hundred different pamphlets that we make, plus other things.

1756 do-si-do Bible

This 1756 Bible is covered in goatskin and has metal clips to hold it together when closed.  This is an interesting way to bind a Bible.  This type binding is called “do-si-do”.  Google says that, “A do-si-do book, like the square dancing move with your partner, swings between two signatures. These books are like two books in one and are excellent for dual purposes, like drawings and notes, or double themes like opposites or pairs.”  I may try this someday when I get bored.  That’s code for never.

The Easter story from our Hieroglyphick Bible

The story of Easter from our A Curious Hieroglyphick Bible, or, Select passages in the Old and New Testaments, represented with emblematical figures, for the amusement of youth : designed chiefly to familiarize tender age, in a pleasing and diverting manner, with early ideas of the Holy Scriptures : to which are subjoined, a short account of the lives of the Evangelists, and other pieces, illustrated with cuts book.




The Apocrypha is a section of books in the Bible that can be found between the Old & New Testaments. The Church considers them to be historical, but not divinely inspired. The following link will give you more information.


Question: Was the Apocrypha in the original King James Bible? If so, why is it not in there now.


Answer: For a really detailed answer go to pages 222-228 of Alister McGrath’s book, In the Beginning: The Story of the King James Bible and How It Changed a Nation, a Language, and a Culture.


It’s a complicated story that went on for centuries. It involves theology, but was finally decided by money. The answer is that it was in the original King James Bible from 1611 when it was first published until about 1826 when the missionary societies removed it for financial reasons. It was cheaper to make and ship the KJ Bibles without the Apocrypha in it.


The first English-language Bible that was printed in North America (Robert Aitken’s 1782 “Bible of the Revolution”) did not have the Apocrypha.  Aitken was in a very big hurry to get his Bible into the hands of Revolutionary War soldiers before they were discharged.  Much like Aitken, our first several 1733 Bibles did not have the Apocrypha in it either because it took us a year or more to scan it, clean it up, and to get them printed.  Aitken may have added the Apocrypha to his Bible, if he had had time.  But, with the end of the war, Britain started shipping in their higher quality, lower cost Bibles again and ran Aitken out of the Bible business.  Ever 1733 Bible that we make now has the Apocrypha in it, just as our original did.


my first book

When my mom died a few weeks ago, my sister gave me back the 1733 New Testament that I made for her many years ago. It was one of the 1st, if not the first, one that I made. I have been rebinding, tooling, and adding marbled paper to it for the past couple of days. Back then I used a pizza cutter to tool the covers, a putty knife to put the lines on the side of the spine hubs, and did not put marbled paper in my books. I have used my antique brass tools on it now and added the marble paper that Renee Gillespie of Pumpkintown Primitives​ has made for me. I think that it looks much better. I used way too thick of cow skin on this New Testament. It is sort of embarrassing, but I am sure that I have over 100 out there at events that look the same. I am going to sell this New Testament at a greatly reduced price to someone who will use it at events to reach people for Jesus, but can’t afford a full priced one. I used to would have given it away, but I have learned not to do that no matter how much I want to. Let me know if you will use it at events and can’t afford a full prices one.