Divine Service at Walnut Grove Plantation this morning

This photo was taken after the Divine Service at Walnut Grove Plantation in Roebuck, South Carolina this morning. Bruce Jennings​ used his 1733 Bible that he is holding and Chad Bogart​ is holding his John Playford Psalm & Hymn Book. We made both of their books for them.  

A PRAYER for one desiring to be awakened to an Experience of the New-Birth, 1741

We have finished making another stack of these 1741 New-Birth pamphlets originally by George Whitefield. I give these away at events and with all orders.  We will make them for you for $1.95 for the 1st and 99 cents for the rest.  Purchase them from our Etsy Store at the link below:

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1734 Book of Common Prayer

stuffing the back of a 1734 Book of Common Prayer.  We have one of these in stock in our Etsy Store at the link below: 


To see how we hand bind this book using antique tools and period correct techniques, visit our web page at the following link: