Trapper Kills Many His 1733 New Testament

I took this photo of “Trapper Kills Many” with his 1733 New Testament at Martin’s Station in Virginia a few years back. Let me know, if you could like a New Testament like his.  I have a couple ready for you right now.  Would you please send me photos of you and your friend in your period attire and holding or using books that I have made for you or them?  Thanks in advance.  If you would like to see how I hand-bind these New Testament using period techniques, please visit my web page at the following link:  Click Here

Eating Humble Pie

They tell me that it is good to be humble??? It sort of hurts. Polly is going through photos from over a decade ago. I look great, but those first New Testaments that I made are an embarrassment. I don’t really look good 🙂  I need to buy all those back and burn them. No, I will not share any photos of them. I hope that my apprentices never get a chance to see them.
Humble for at least a day ~ James Moore, aka “Bibleman” who used to really suck.
Have mercy and don’t post photos of my old books 🙂

Signature Piercing Cradle

I just just finished this signature piercing cradle. I lined it with calfskin. I am using it to pierce the signatures of my replica of Robert Aitken’s 1782 “Bible of the Revolution” that I am making for The George Washington Inn in Port Angeles, Washington, USA. This book will be able to be examined there in their library. Looks like the punch side needs a little more work. I should teach someone else how to make these so that they can start making for me. To learn more about this Bible, visit my web page at the following link:  Click Here

John Wesley Recommends My 1734 Book of Common Prayer

“I BELIEVE there is no LITURGY in the World, either in ancient or modern language, which breathes more of a solid, scriptural, rational Piety, than the COMMON PRAYER (BOOK) of the CHURCH of ENGLAND . . .” ~ John Wesley. To learn more about my original 1734 Book of Common Prayer that I replicate, visit my web page at the following link:  Click Here

The Bay Psalm Book

This Day in History: June 19th, 1692 “The pastor of the Salem, Massachusetts church suggests to his congregation that the New England Psalm book (also known as The Bay Psalm Book) be used in those cases where Mr. Ainsworth’s translation had tunes too difficult for the church people.” I make a replica of this easy to use Bay Psalm Book. To read more about this New England Psalter, visit my web page at the following link:  Click Here

Bible of the Revolution Text Block

I’ve finally gotten these two text blocks of my replica of Robert Aitken’s Bible of the Revolution out of the press. I let them set in the press for a couple of day in order for the folded paper to relax. And me too. They are ready for me to pierce multiple holes (10 holes) in each of the 121 signatures that make up each Bible, for a total of 1,010 per Bible or 2,020 holes to pierce this afternoon. I’ll never get them done. The first of these Bibles is headed to The George Washington Inn in Port Angeles, Washington. It takes over a month to make each of these Bibles. To learn more about this Bible you can visit my web page at the following link:  Click Here  We are still over a month away from getting our most current research about the printer of this Bible, Robert Aitken, and the actual original making of it written and uploaded to our web page. So check back in a month or so and our web page should be much more interesting.  

This Day in History: June 18th, 1781 The first Baptist Church In Kentucky Began

“Eighteen people (three of them black servants ‘of Jacob Vanmeter’) gather under a sugar maple tree at Severn’s Valley (now Elizabethtown), Kentucky, to form the first Baptist Church in that state. They will soon build themselves a log cabin in which to worship and conduct baptisms in a nearby stream.” John Gerrard was made pastor at the time that the church was organized. He only served a short time (eleven months) and was then ‘captured by the Indians and was never heard of afterwards.’” Polly’s (my wife) 5th great grandfather, William Taylor, became their next Elder/Preacher.
I like the following description of the congregation, “Imagine the male members, partly in Indian costume, leather leggings, breech cloths, and moccasins, with hats made of buffalo wool rolled around white oak splints, and sewed together, and the females in the simple costume of bed gown and petticoat, all of buffalo wool, underwear of dressed deer skin, for as yet no flax, cotton, or sheep’s wool was to be found in their wilderness home. The males sat with rifles in hand, and tomahawks at their sides, with sentry at the door; yet they feared God, and considered themselves highly favored, for they had the word of life dispensed, and sanctuary privileges. ~ Honorable Samuel Haycraft, the son of the pioneer member Judge Samuel Haycraft.”

Lying Press on a Stand by Dale Turner Still Working Well

I’m just about finished with another replica of our original 1733 Bible. I’m still enjoying using my new laying press on a stand that Dale Turner made for me. It really makes the job much easier.  It is starting to show a few nick and scratches from use.  I think that they make it even more beautiful.