Author: James Moore

Bible of the Revolution is on a Diet

Robert Aitken’s “Bible of the Revolution” is currently one fat 1782 Old Testament. I needs to be put it on a diet. It’s trying to get thinner in the press, but it is not working. I’m going paper shopping for thinner paper to match the paper in our original next week. I hope to be getting updated photos and information on its web page during the coming days and weeks. Polly is doing research, Jim & I have finished our scanning and cleaning up pages, I’m shopping for paper, and trying to scale the outside dimensions down to match our original, and Hunter is staying busy updating our web page. You can check out our work on this Bible on our web page at the following link:  Check out the “Bible of the Revolution”

The Bindery is Rocking Tonight! Jesus Is Still Alright With Me!!!

The Bindery is Rocking Tonight! Turn up your sub-woofer. Evenings like this are the payoff for wearing ear plugs all those years. I still have the ears of an 18 year old after a Ted Nugent concert. Yes, the ringing won’t go away.

Listen Here

Jesus Is Still Alright With Me

Daniel Boone Carried Two Books With Him to Kentucky

Daniel Boone carried two books with him when he came to Kentucky in the late 1760s; a Bible and a copy of Gulliver’s Travels. Wonder which one of those are under his arm in this painting?

Get your Bible from me at 18th Century Bibles. We will have your Gulliver’s Travels in the coming months. It’s all scanned and being cleaned up. My apprentice, Jim Darlack​, will be making this book.  Look for it on our web site.

I’m Testing Some New Paper

You know that you a have purchased nice paper when each ream shows up in a gift box. This paper is 100% cotton rag laid paper. It’s about 3 1/2 times more expensive than the laid paper that I have been using in your books. I “miced” it {how do you spell it when you take a micrometer and measure the thickness of paper or when really bored, all of your friend’s hair?}.  It measured .0055 while the other paper measures .0047 I was hoping that it would be a little thinner rather than a little thicker. This new paper seems to be a little less stiff than the paper that I currently use. That is good. When you hold laid paper up to the sun, you can see the impression of the screen that it was made on. The wires that this paper “laid” on are much closer together and the pattern is much more defined. I like it. It looks more like period paper.  Of course, no one will probably ever notice that this paper looks more like period hand made paper when held up to the sun. Who holds pages of their books up to the sun to see the inside of their paper?  Only artist, period bookbinders, & period printers.  Now to see how it prints and works in a Bible. So far, I love this new paper.  I give it two thumbs up because I only have two thumbs.