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A Word in Season or Advice to an Englishman by John Wesley

A Word in Season or Advice to an Englishman” is a 12-page pamphlet by the Rev. John Wesley, dated 1752. Wesley believes that England is under God’s judgment and is about to be destroyed. The last few pages of this pamphlet include a hymn that goes along with this sermon and a poem/prayer concerning His Majesty King George. Wesley warns that England is facing invasion, war abroad, and war within. Full of sin; God’s judgement is falling. Countless Soldiers will die and fall into hell. REPENTANCE is their only solution.

Wesley asks, “Do you ever think? Do you ever consider? If not, tis high time you should. Think a little, before it is too late. Consider what a State you are in. And not you alone, but our whole Nation. We would have War. And we have it. And What is the Fruit? Our Armies broken in Pieces: And Thousands of our Men either killed on the Spot or made Prisoners in one Day. Nor is this all. We have now War at our own Doors: Our own Countrymen turning their Swords against their Brethren…Friend, either think now, or sleep on and take your Rest, till you drop into the Pit where you will sleep no more?”

Wesley goes on to name the current cause of their situation: They are filled to overflowing with SIN in their land and he names them. “Because of these Sins is this Evil come upon us”. He calls for repentance before they and their armies and navy are completely destroyed.


This is another period pamphlet that would be excellent to present at any 18th century event. Even though it was published in 1752, it relates to us in America today. The text of this pamphlet is contained on the first seven pages, so it is not too long for our modern ears. It even comes with its own thematic hymn to sing after your presentation. You should also consider getting at least enough of these to pass out to your audiance that attends.  This pamphlet is printed on laid paper and stab-bound together with linen thread.  You may purchase this pamphlet for $9.95 from my online Etsy Store at the following link: Purchase Here