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A Collection of Forms of Prayer For Every Day in the Week, 1738.


A Collection of Forms of Prayer For Every Day in the Week. Recommended by the Rev. Mr. Whitefield. The Third Edition. Published in London, Printed for James Hutton at the Bible and Sun without Temple-Bar. 1738.

The first paragraph of the Preface to this book lets you know

who should not purchase this book.

Transcript below:

The following Collection of Prayers is designed only for those who, by the Mercy of GOD, have, first, Leisure and Resolution to set apart at least half an Hour twice a Day, for their private Addresses to Him; and, secondly, a sincere Reverence for, if not some Acquaintance with, the Ancient Christian Church. He who has not the former Qualifications, will take Offence at the Length; he who has not the latter, at the Matter of them.

The intention of the Collector of this book (it has no author) is below:

  1. First to have Forms of Prayer for every Day in the Week, each of which contained something of Deprecation, Petition, Thanksgiving, and Intercession:
  2. To have such Forms for those Days which the Christian Church has ever judged peculiarly proper for Religious Rejoicing…explicit and large in Acts of Love and Thanksgiving.
  3. To have such for those Days, which from the Age of the Apostles have been set apart for Religious Mourning…but were full and express in Acts of Contrition and Humiliation.
  4. To have Intercessions every Day, for all those whom our own Church directs us to remember in our Prayers.
  5. To comprise in the course of Petitions for the Week, the whole Scheme of our Christian Duty.


This Prayer Book asks several General Questions during the day’s prayers. Some are part of the Morning Prayer times and others the Evening Prayer sessions. The following are just ten examples of these numerous General Questions that are presented to the reader throughout the week.

  1. Have I mention’d any Failing or Fault of any Man, when it was not necessary for the good of another?
  2. Have I laboured to make this Day (Sunday) a Day of Heavenly Rest, sacred to Divine Love?
  3. Did I think of GOD first and last?
  4. Am I resolved to do all the Good I can this Day, to be diligent in the Business of my Calling?
  5. Have I contradicted any one, either where I had no good End in View, or where there was no Probability of Convincing?
  6. Have I let him, I thought in the Wrong [in a trifle] have the last word?
  7. Have I desired the Praise of Men?
  8. Have I despised any one’s Advice?
  9. Have I endeavoured to will what GOD Wills, and that only?
  10. Have I endeavoured to be Cheerful, Mild and Courteous in whatever I said or did?

This 84-page Prayer Book is made up of seven twelve-page signatures and measures about ¼” thick by 4 ¼” wide by 6” tall. It is printed on laid paper and stab-bound together with linen thread.

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