Parson Tim & His Geneva Bible

This is Tim Platek holding his 1560 Geneva Bible that I made for him. He is standing outside of the Glebe Church in Suffolk, Virginia. This Anglican/Episcopal Church, built in 1738, has an interesting history. In March 1775, the Loyalist parish minister, Parson Agnew, was driven from the Church for sermons preaching loyalty to King George. The following sermon was the last straw.

His topic was “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s” and Cowper “proceeded to denounce the sins of disloyalty and rebellion.  In the middle of the sermon William Cowper, a vestryman and magistrate, left his seat in the pews and mounting the pulpit, ordered Parson Agnew to sit down.  ‘I am doing my Master’s business’, said the Parson; Cowper replied ‘Which Master?  Your Master in heaven or your Master over the seas?  You must leave the church or I will use force.’  ‘I will never be the cause of breeding riot in my Master’s house’, said Parson Agnew.  He stepped down from the pulpit, walked through the crowd to his carriage and drove away.”