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making 17th century props for upcoming movie

I continue to work on replicas of 17th century books and other documents that will be used during the filming of the movie, “A Lively Experiment The Life of Dr. John Clarke America’s Forgotten Patriot”.  Thus far I have completed Clarke letters, the 1663 Rhode Island Charter, a 1643 Souldiers Pocket Bible, a 1640 Bay Psalm Book, a 1560 Geneva Bible, and a replica of the original 1611 King James Bible.  This show is really going for authenticity in the smallest details.  See photos of a few of these items below.

This is the 1663 Rhode Island Charter that I tried to replicate.  They used it in a proof of concept film that they filmed a couple of weeks ago.  It may require more work before the filming of the movie begins.



This is the first page of a Clarke letter that I cleaned up and printed on laid paper.  

This is the 1643 “Souldiers Pocket Bible” that I made for them.  They added the dirt and  blood during their recent filming.  


This is the 1640 Bay Psalm Book that you will see in the film.

This is the 1560 Geneva Bible that I have made for the movie.

This is the 1611 King James Bible that you will see in the film.

I also made this interesting 1641 Plague pamphlet for them.  

The mask is mine.


To learn a little more about this film, click the link below: