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The 1742 London Psalter & Prayer Book

THE PSALTER or PSALMS of DAVID after the translation of the Great Bible; Pointed as they are to be Sung or Said in churches. With the Addition of Morning and Evening PRAYERS…XDCCXLII.


This pocket size 1742 Psalm book has many things in common with my original 1734 Book of Common Prayer that I also replicate and many of you own. It is basically the people’s portion of that Prayer Book.  It has the Morning and Evening Prayer services, the Catechism, and of course, the Psalms.  It is a lighter and cheaper version for the people to carry to Church.  It measures about 5/8 X 4 5/8 X 6 ¾ inches.


One of the more curious things about this Psalm Book may be that the translation of Psalms originate from the Great Bible of 1539.  The Great Bible was the ‘authorized version’ of the English Bible at the time of the issuance of the first Prayer Book in 1549.   When the Book of Common Prayer was reauthorized in 1662 they kept the old version of the Psalter.  Naming the Great Bible on the title page is to assure the people that this is not the new (1611) version.


This is a 148 page pocket size Psalm Book that was made with the intent that it would be used at home and carried to Church and used there too.  As you can see from the photos below, my original had to be taken apart in order to be scanned. I hope to find the time to rebind it. In the meantime, I am making my first replicas of this book. See photos below: