Tim Weiss’ Bay Psalm Book will be the 1st on 100% Rag Cotton Laid Paper

I am getting ready to make another Bay Psalm Book. This time it is for Tim Weiss. He dropped by the house on a tail end of a 2,000+ “I just retire” road trip, aka vacation. He commissioned me to make this Bay Psalm Book for him today during his visit. Starting with this one, I will be printing all of my smaller size books on “100% Cotton Rag Laid Extra No. 1 Quality paper by Crane & Co.” which is made in the USA. I think that other paper was too. Both this paper, and the paper that I have been using during this past decade, is Natural White and 24 W. This paper cost about six and half times more than the laid paper that I have used in the past. I think that it will be worth the extra money. It feels better in my hand, lays more like the original paper in the book, and the screen image that you see when you hold it up to the light looks more like period paper from the 18th century. But who looks at the pages of their book while holding them up to the sun? Artists, Printers and Bookbinders? The truth is that I have shown both this new paper and the old paper to people, including Polly, and no one thus far really sees nor feels any difference, but I do. Let me know, when you want me to make one of these Psalters for you.

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