New Granite Work Surface

I got a new piece of granite in place just before Tim Weiss & his wife, Christine,  arrived for a visit this afternoon. I have been using a thinner and smaller piece of granite for years. This piece is about 1 1/4″ thick X 20″ deep X 29 3/4 inches wide. I needed to have this in place to work with a new piece of equipment that is being delivery this coming Saturday. More on that later. It is way past my ability to lift or carry. On Monday, I told God that I needed someone to come by and move it for me or He would need to translate it into position before Tim Weiss arrived on Tuesday. As we were leaving for the hospital in Nashville, a couple of days ago, I told Polly, “I guess God is going to have to beam it from Tennessee to Kentucky. He didn’t. I wish that he had because that would have been a much better story. But, no one would have probably believed it anyway. Instead, as we were turning into our street my next door neighbor’s son (WKU student) had a class canceled or something and was instead coming home to eat lunch. I ask if he had time to carry this 60 lb. stone into my office and he did. I told him that he was God’s answer to my prayer. Not sure what he thought, but he smiled and I went off praising Jesus. I still am. Having it moved into place was a real interesting direct answer to prayer with lots of variables that had to “fall” into place. God still answers prayer. Don’t forget to ask Him.