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1732 Fox’s Book of Martyrs

Today, Christian persecution is worse than any other time in modern history. It is the global issue of our day.  But it is not new.  Throughout Scripture and world history, we see God’s people enduring violence, war, discrimination, isolation and eventually martyrdom—all because they have chosen to follow the Triune God.  For generations, John Foxe’s classic book has inspired and opened the eyes of millions of Christians to persecution, both past and present.  This is why I decided to replicate the copperplate engravings from my original 1732 Book of Martyrs and turn them into this book.

My original 1732 Martyrs Book measures about 3 inches thick, 10 inches wide and 15 inches tall. It full of court records and also contains thirty-one copper plate illustrations of Protestant Christians being tortured to death (mostly burned at the stake) by Roman Catholics.  The illustrations go along with those courts records.  I have scanned (600 dpi) and cleaned up each engraving and my replica only contain these copper plate illustrations.  The engravings in my replica are very sharp because they were scanned from my large original images, meticulously cleaned up, and then shrank down to the smaller size book that I produce which measures 6 3/4 X 9¼ inches.

Convocation of the Church of England ordered that copies of the Book of Martyrs should be kept for public inspection in all cathedrals and in the houses of church dignitaries. The book was also displayed in many Anglican parish churches alongside the Holy Bible.