The 1st Translation of the Bible in America

READ THIS BEFORE WATCHING THIS VIDEO: You might be misled if you watch this YouTube video published by Museum of the Bible at the link below. I often share their videos here and on Facebook. I wrote them about this video.

“Your video above will misinform those who watch it. You need an additional paragraph between the first and second paragraphs which would tell about Robert Aitken’s 1782 “Bible of the Revolution”? It was the first Bible, in English, published in America; not this one. I make replicas of this Bible. Learn more about the real “first Bible, in English, Made in America” on my web page at the following link:  Click Here

Then you might say that Robert Aitken’s daughter, Jane Aitken, printed the Charles Thomson Bible. I know that you are limited to one minute videos, but even so, you should not mislead. I do enjoy and share your videos often. Thanks for making them.  You might also consider changing the title of this video to something like, ‘The 1st Translation of the Bible in America'”.