We Have No King but Jesus!

I’ve been working on this sign, We Have No King but Jesus this afternoon. As you can see, it is finished. I have used period Caslon fonts. I scanned the boarders from a couple of original 18th century books that I own.  Someone ask me for a sign like this the other day that was at a high enough resolution for them to print them out on a 8 1/2 X 11″ sheet of laid paper. This files (1.82 meg) will print on that size or on a larger broadside size. As usual, I have forgotten who ask, but I have uploaded a high resolution version to our 18th Century Parsons’ “FILES” page so that you can download and print it for free.   You can download it for free and print it for free from the following link:    Click Here  Please share it on Face Book and on your other social media. Print it out and take to church, SAR & DAR meetings, and other events, etc. But please don’t remove my web address from the bottom of it.  
I posted this sign on Face Book and got the following comment:  Someone posted, “Looks great but there might be a problem with the font. I see regular letter s then some s’ look like an f.” Of course, I clicked the laughing emoji and then posted back, “sorry for laughing, but I really needed a laugh this morning. Jesus must have sent it. That is called a long s. It was used in all printed documents and many hand written document during the 18th century and before. The 1733 New Testament that I replicate and referenced in this piece is just like this sign. I  took the photo below of my replica of my original 1733 New Testament to show you what I’m talking about. See the photo below: Sorry about not getting the book flat and focused all the way. I was doing it one handed. Check out my web page and my blog. I have written about this in my blog before.  I did not used to know about this either. As usual, there are no bad questions. ~ James Moore” Maybe you didn’t know either.