John Adams Was & Was Not

“John Adams was deeply involved in winning American independence from Great Britain and establishing the new government of the United States. He was the first vice-president under the constitution adopted in 1789, and the second president.” Too bad he left Christianity and became a Unitarian after the Revolution. Unitarians are not Orthodox Christians. Which means all of its followers are lost and will go to Hell!

On July 3rd, 1776, while Adams was still an Orthodox Christian, he wrote to his wife, Abigail: “It is the will of Heaven that the two countries should be sundered forever. It may be the will of Heaven that America shall suffer calamities still more wasting and distress yet more dreadful. If this is to be the case, it will have this good effect at least: It will inspire us with many virtues which we have not, and correct many errors, follies, and vices which threaten to disturb, dishonor and destroy us. The furnace of affliction produces refinement, in states as well as individuals. And the new governments we are assuming in every part will require a purification from our vices and an augmentation of our virtues, or they will be no blessings. The people will have unbounded power, and the people are extremely addicted to corruption and venality, as [are] the great. But I must submit all my hopes and fears to an overruling Providence, in which, unfashionable as the faith may be, I firmly believe.”

Source: Christian History Magazine issue #50 article “A Holy Passion for Liberty” & Click Here