Bible of the Revolution Text Block

I’ve finally gotten these two text blocks of my replica of Robert Aitken’s Bible of the Revolution out of the press. I let them set in the press for a couple of day in order for the folded paper to relax. And me too. They are ready for me to pierce multiple holes (10 holes) in each of the 121 signatures that make up each Bible, for a total of 1,010 per Bible or 2,020 holes to pierce this afternoon. I’ll never get them done. The first of these Bibles is headed to The George Washington Inn in Port Angeles, Washington. It takes over a month to make each of these Bibles. To learn more about this Bible you can visit my web page at the following link:  Click Here  We are still over a month away from getting our most current research about the printer of this Bible, Robert Aitken, and the actual original making of it written and uploaded to our web page. So check back in a month or so and our web page should be much more interesting.