1614 Book of Common Prayer

I own this original 1614 Book of Common Prayer.  This is oldest original book that I own.  Think about it, this book is just 3 years newer than the first original 1611 King James Bible.  I have scanned the title page of this book so that you could notice the difference between this 1614 title page and the title page from our original 1734 Book of Common Prayer.  This is our original that we have replicated for years. Notice the originally 1614 was printed in two colors; red & black.  I have also cleaned up that original scan and turned it black & white.  One thing that first steps out in the 1611 version is the red & black ink.  I have no plans to scan and replicate any more of our 1614 Book of Common Prayer because is it out of the period of history that we reenact.  It is interesting to take along with me when I demonstrate and show it to others at events.  What other differences do you see in the style, type, etc. that changed over the one hundred plus years between these two Book of Common Prayer books?