John Eliot is Dead

This Day in History:  May 20, 1690 John Eliot died. John Eliot was a missionary to the American Indians. He translated the entire Bible into the Native American Algonquin language and then published it.  It was the first Bible made in America, 1663.  I am working on making a replica of this Algonquin Bible.  Thus far, I have finished a replica of his four Gospels and have the rest of his 1661 New Testament scanned but most of it still needs to be cleaned up.  I will probably never finish his entire Bible, but we may finish his New Testament.  If you want one of his Gospel books or would like just to see what we are up to, click the following link:  Click Here

The photo below is of Jessica DiemerEaton reading from her Algonquin Gospel that I made for her.  I donated this book to her Woodland Indian Educational Programs.