Watch the 1st Replica of Robert Aitken’s 1782 Bible of the Revolution Being Made

Below you will see some photos I have been taking as I make the first ever replica of the 1782 Bible of the Revolution . I have been working on getting this Bible ready to print and bind for over half a decade.  I have already taken several photos of the process of binding this Bible and as I complete more of the steps, I will be adding more – which means that you will need to check back to see the rest.

Jim Darlack & I have spent years scanning the text block, then darkening, cleaning up, replacing letters where none existed, etc.  The original pages of Aitken’s Bible were often hard to read because they had been printed too light.   Thankfully, the long prep job is finally finished and the first Bible has now been printed, folded, and stitched. All that is left for me is to finish binding this first historic replica. Eventually, all the photos and lots more research into the history of this Bible and Aitken the printer will be on our web site at the following link:  Click Here

Hunter Willis, our webmaster, has his work cut out for him, and Jim Darlack can now breathe a sigh of relief.  Now “all” Jim and Polly have to do is to complete their research on the history surrounding the first English Bible made in America.  We are planning to include a book about Aitken and the Bible of the Revolution with each replica when they are shipped.

We start out with printing, folding, & cutting.  See below:


16# or .0036 cotton paper

  After being pressed, I then pierced holes in the signatures.

I use the above tool to pierce the kettle stitch holes at the end of each signature.

This photo was taken after the 1781 New Testament was stitched to the linen cords.

This photo was taken after the 1782 Old Testament was stitched to the linen cords.

The stitching of the text block is complete.

You can’t imagine how excited I was to finally hold this Bible in my hand.

The next photos were taken as the back was rounded.

This makes two firsts. This is the first time for me to use this lying press on a stand that Dale Turner made for me, and secondly, this is the first time to round the back of my replica of Robert Aitken’s 1782 Bible of the Revolution.

After the back is rounded all that is left is to glue the spine.  See below:

The boards are now glued on the outside & are waiting to dry in the press overnight.

I took the set of photos below while the end bands were being stitched. The end bands, aka tail & head bands, provide mostly just decoration.

The photo below and on the left is the 1st photo of an original 1782 Aitken Bible that I saw.  I am going for the same color in my 1st replica.  See it being pressed on the right.


The First Replica of the 1782 Bible of the Revolution is finished