The Apocrypha Was In Most Every Bible Until 135 Year Ago

The Apocrypha is included in every 1733 Bible that I make. I also make a stand alone version of this book. If you believe that the Roman Catholics added the Apocrypha to the Bible, then it’s time to stop believing in historical fiction, and learn legitimate history. The Apocrypha was written over 400 years before Jesus. It’s a Jewish book. Nearly every English Bible printed prior to the year 1881 contains the Apocrypha.  King James threatened fines and prison to anyone who tried to print his 1611 King James Version Bible without the Apocrypha. Even the fiercely Protestant Geneva Bible of 1560 to 1644 contained The Apocrypha.  Only Bibles printed in the past 135 years omit the Apocrypha.