Free Pamphlet: “Forms of Prayers to Be Used At Sea”

You can download the free pamphlet, Forms of Prayers to Be Uses At Sea from our 18th Century Parsons page on Face Book at the following link:  Download from Face Book for FREE  There are also other free pamphlets that you can download from there and make yourself.

This is a twelve page pamphlet which contains the title page and eight pages of text from our original 1734 Book of Common Prayer. These eight pages include the Morning and Evening Prayer services, The Prayer to be said before a Fight at sea against and Enemy, Short Prayers for single persons that cannot meet to join in Prayer with others, by reason of the Fight or Storm, Special Prayers with respect to the Enemy, Short Prayer in respect of a Storm, When there shall be imminent danger, as many as can be spared from necessary service in the Ship, shall be called together, and make an humble Confession of their sins to God; in which everyone ought seriously to reflect upon those particular sins of which his Conscience shall accuse him; saying, as follweth, Thanksgiving after a Storm, A Hymn of Praise and Thanksgiving after a dangerous Tempest, A Psalm, or Hymn of Praise and Thanksgiving after Victory, and Burial of their Dead at Sea.

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