Month: April 2018

Aitken’s Bible of the Revolution ad in the Freeman’s Journal dated March 26th, 1783

Up until this March 26th, 1783 edition of Freeman’s Journal, every Aitken Bible ad has included the Congressional portion that talks about how congress favored the making of his “Bible of the Revolution”.  This one does not, and neither does any of the others that follow this one that I have seen.

Best Aitken Holy Bible ad

As soon as I saw the page from the Freeman’s Journal dated Dec. 4th, 1782, I was excited.  It was the cleanest original ad that I had seen.  We have pages from eleven editions of the Freeman’s Journal that contain Aitken’s “Bible of the Revolution” advertisement and this one is the best.  Every advertisement in this journal in 1782 has the record of the US Congress’ actions toward Aitken’s Bible above this portion of the ad. Beginning with the ad in the March 26,th journal, this pattern stops and only the ad below is in the following editions that I have seen.  Aitken’s ad moves from the left to the center and the right hand columns.  I will end up cleaning the Congressional portion as well.  But for now, take a look and read the best part of his ad that I have seen.  Yes, I did clean this one up, but it did not need too much.  If you go to my new blog down or before this one, you should be able to see the entire page.  Actually, I am posting the entire page from each day that this ad ran.  Or at least all that I can find images of.

Ken Hill His Illiterate Bible

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