Original Letter Written by Robert Aitken’s Hand dated July 7, 1797

This is an original letter written by Robert Aitken to John Nicholson regarding money due on property purchased by Aitken from Charles Ludwig for use as his printing house.  In this letter dated July 7th, 1797 he mentions that his printing house is closed. This original letter is Courtesy of The Rosenbach Museum & Library.


Dear Sir,

I reluctantly mention the frequent Dunns & noisys calls of Chr. Ludwick for a 2nd payment of 300 pounds for the purchase of the house for printing office ___I thought to mention this much, fearing I cannot be further favor with your assistance___he seems extremely anxious, I know not how to put him off without cash, which I assuredly have not, or know where for to get it__the printing business is closed with the enevality, at present, nothing can be done to any advantage, a most afflicting consideration with demands on

Dear Sir,

Your most Affecitionate

Humble Servant

Robt. Aitken

July 7__1797