Where was Robert Aitken’s Shop?

Robert Aitken’s bookbinder’s tickets and his advertisements in the newspaper all contained his business location.  Some described his location as in or at Pope’s Head, in Market Street, near the Coffee House.  Another says, Nearly Opposite the London Coffee- House, Front-Street, Philadelphia. Another ad says, Three doors above the Coffee House, in Market Street. While another says, in Market Street, near Coffee House.  See them all below.   The book, Market Street, Philadelphia; the most historic highway in America, its merchants and its story: Jackson, Joseph, 1867-1946 gives his street address as 106 Market Street.  I assume that this street address was given to his location years later in the 19th century.  This address is on the corner of Front & Market Street.  See his tickets, bookplates, and ads below.  In addition, notice the photo of the London Coffee House so often mentioned in his address.

The ad was run in papers from 1782-83

This is a book ticket commonly found in his books.

This is an ad from Sept. 4th, 1782

This is an ad from April 16th , 1783

London Coffee House @ Southwest Corner of Front and Market Street, taken 1859