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Robert Aitken’s Runaway Bookbinder

This Public Notice was run by Robert Aitken in the New-York Gazette, and Weekly Mercury, published as The New-York Gazette; and the Weekly Mercury (New York, New York) on November 11th, 1774.

Transcribed below:

“FIVE PUNDS REWARD,  RUNaway, on Sabbath the 30th of October last, from the Subscriber, Bookseller, opposite the London Coffee-House, Front-Street, Philadelphia, A Scots Servant Man, named Andrew Ure, about five Feet five Inches High, has long Face, is stout made, of a ruddy Complexion, has a kind of impediment in this Speech , and speaks very fast, almost unintelligible, has very thick jet black Hair, about one Inch long, and had on when he went away, a narrow brimm’d wool Hat, not cock’d, a black and shite speckled Wilting cloth Coat, trimm’d with black Ferret down the Breast, and button Holes, black horse hair Buttons, a Pair of very good Buckskin Breeches, a Pair of brown and white ribb’d Stockings, black Shoe Buckles much worn, a black Handkerchief about his Neck, a blue and white strip’d Shirt, one Coarse linen Shirt, and a check’d botton Shirt in a Bundle; he is a Book-binder by Trade, and may work as a Journeyman.  Whoever takes up and secures said Andrew Ure in any Goal, shall have the above Reward, and reasonable Charges paid by Robert Aitken.