Bruce Jennings’ Service Announcement Handbills for April 29th, 2018

I made Bruce Jennings these Divine Service hand bills for him to use at his upcoming event. These are to be passed out at his event on Friday & Saturdays leading up to his Sunday Divine  Service. If he does this, his attendance will be greatly improved. These handbills are to be printed on 8 ½ X 11 pieces of laid paper. The images will print on the bottom edge of the paper. Set your paper cutter at 6 1/2″ and cut off the top long ways on your paper. Then turn the paper 90 degrees. Set your paper on 5 1/2 inches and cut the two hand bills apart. I can customize these signs for your services too. No charge for doing that for you. It is my mission and pleasure. Of course, you can print it on smaller paper or other paper as well.