Bruce Jennings’ Broadside Divine Service Announcement for April 29th, 2018

Bruce Jennings is going to conduct a period service this upcoming Sunday at an event at Musgrove Mills in Clinton, South Carolina. I can customize these signs for your events too. No charge for doing that for you. It is my mission and pleasure.
I have created this broadside (poster) version for Bruce Jennings to put up on announcement boards, hang on trees, etc. for reenactors and the public to be able to see. You might also consider making a tri-pod out of tree branches and attaching it to a board and placing it where you will be preaching and keeping a broadside on it all weekend long where your services will be held. This will increase the numbers of people who will attend your period service. This broadside will print out to be 10″ X 12” and should be printed on 11″ X 17″ laid paper which is available from Neenah Paper Company. Of course, you can print it on smaller paper or other paper as well.