I Stand Corrected: Maybe? The Change in Calendar Confuses Me

I think that I am being quoted and corrected at the same time. They are probably right. If in doubt, I’m probably wrong. We are updating our research on Robert Aitken’s 1777 New Testament and his 1782 Bible. We have finished writing about his New Testament and posted our newest research on our Face Book page. I think that we got it all right this time. I expect that it won’t be long until Hunter Willis​ has our new research up on our redesigned Robert Aitken 1777 New Testament web page. Check it out there in a week or so. Maybe this time we will have gotten it all right, I hope. You can read their article or blog post below. I am just glad that people are reading my blogs, web pages, and face book posts and quoting us. Please let me know when I make mistakes. I will try to correct them.

Read their blog here  

This is a link to our recently (tonight) updated information on Robert Aitken’s 1777 New Testament on Face Book.
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