I’m Testing Some New Paper

You know that you a have purchased nice paper when each ream shows up in a gift box. This paper is 100% cotton rag laid paper. It’s about 3 1/2 times more expensive than the laid paper that I have been using in your books. I “miced” it {how do you spell it when you take a micrometer and measure the thickness of paper or when really bored, all of your friend’s hair?}.  It measured .0055 while the other paper measures .0047 I was hoping that it would be a little thinner rather than a little thicker. This new paper seems to be a little less stiff than the paper that I currently use. That is good. When you hold laid paper up to the sun, you can see the impression of the screen that it was made on. The wires that this paper “laid” on are much closer together and the pattern is much more defined. I like it. It looks more like period paper.  Of course, no one will probably ever notice that this paper looks more like period hand made paper when held up to the sun. Who holds pages of their books up to the sun to see the inside of their paper?  Only artist, period bookbinders, & period printers.  Now to see how it prints and works in a Bible. So far, I love this new paper.  I give it two thumbs up because I only have two thumbs.