Stitching a 1733 Bible

I’ve finished stitching the text block of  another 1733 Bible around five linen cords.  Learn more about this Bible on my web page at the following link:  Click Here

I took the photo below after I finished stitching the 280 or so pages of the New Testament portion of this Bible.

I took the next photo below after I finished stitching the Apocrypha portion of the Bible.  This book sets on top of the New Testament.

I took this photo below when I finished stitching the 804 pages of the Old Testament portion of this Bible.  You can see the Apocrypha and the New Testament below this Old Testament.  This text block is now about 3 1/2 inches thick and weighs 4 1/4 pounds.

This entire Bible is over 1,300 pages in length.  Yes, it takes a while to sew.