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The Rev. Joseph Powell

This Day in History:  March 6th 1734 Joseph Powell was born. The “Rev. Joseph Powell, of Welsh parentage, was born March 6, 1734 in Pennepek, Pennsylvania. He was classically educated at the Hopewell Academy in New Jersey and ordained there in 1764. He and his wife Rachel (Rose) Powell, were leading members of the Tonoloway Primitive Baptist Church beginning August 1765, when he was called to be the first pastor of this church. In the following year, Rev. Joseph Powell, David Bowen, and Elias Stillwell applied for a warrant for the land that the church was built upon. He would not only work diligently in his capacity as Pastor there for nearly forty years, but additionally be appointed as Chaplain in the Revolutionary War and serve as a member of the Constitutional Convention of July 15, 1776.”

The Rev. Powell’s Departure to Philadelphia

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